How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost in San Antonio?

The truth is that the online world is filled with plenty of information regarding bail bonds San Antonio, but only a few websites offer specific information. Just make sure to keep reading, and you will find out exactly how much a bail bond costs you. First of all what is a bail bond? Well, if your loved one has been arrested for driving under the influence, the judge will generally set a bail. This can be a small amount. But it can also be set at $100,000. Now you cannot afford to pay the bail, so your loved one needs to stay in jail…and you definitely do not want that!

Or, you will hire the services of a highly reputable San Antonio Bail bondsman, who will offer the needed collateral and your loved one comes out of jail in about 24 hours maximum. Of course, this collateral needs to be paid back, and this is where the question “how much does a bail bond cost?” pops into your mind.

Bail bonds in San Antonio can cost anything between 7% and up to 20% of the overall bail amount. So, if the judge set a bail bond of $10,000 and the agency charges let’s say 10%, it means that the cost of the bail bond is $1,000.

That’s not even a huge amount considering that a bondsman is taking up a huge deal of risk because he is paying the full amount upfront, your loved one is released from jail, and you need to pay the bond only after that. It is up to you to find a highly reputable and professional bail bond company San Antonio, where you will get all the information that you need about the process, and where bondsmen make sure to pay the bail quickly!